New products in 2020: ever greater expertise in plants

The ritual at the start of each new year is for the Paskacheval team to unveil the new products developed by its R&D department. With even more plant extracts, these new products are an opportunity to reaffirm our expertise in this field over the last 60 years. Discover these innovations below.

More plants in our new products range

  • PASKABIOVIT: is now PASKA'BIOTINE 2015. This Strong Biotin is enriched with nettle for optimal efficiency in terms of horn growth in horses.

  • OINTMENT range: we have also improved the formulation of our three blond, green and black hoof ointments. They are now enriched with aloe vera and bamboo which help improve hoof mineralisation and hydration.
  • NATURA’DERM range: brand new in the range, these two products are designed to help protect and improve coat quality. With a composition rich in plants, they are especially recommended during the summer dermatitis season (sweet itch). The pack includes a gel for external use and a food supplement.

Use of plants

 paskacheval microscope and plants for horsesIn addition to innovation, working with plants, essential oils and natural active ingredients is deeply ingrained in Paskacheval's DNA. It is not simply a selling point or a passing fad. This expertise has been anchored deeply in our ranges for 60 years. The natural active ingredients are extracted from numerous plants. They are then incorporated into the formulation of most of our products. For example:

Algua Digest (artichoke and black radish),

Respiral (thyme and eucalyptus),

Easy Move (bamboo and blackcurrant),

Cycle O’Calm (linden and hawthorn),

Paska’fly (pyrethrum), etc.


Discover these new products and our ranges at your nearest distributor (saddlery and e-commerce sites): supplements, minerals, skin care, hoof care and leather care.



Strong biotin
Enriched with laurel oil