Horse care


horse care teethThe types of care required by athletic horses have three characteristics: importance of their musculoskeletal system, sensitivity to external aggression and aesthetics criterion required during competitions.

Horses’ locomotor system is put under considerably pressure during races or competitions and more particularly the following body parts: hooves, muscles, tendons, joints. Risks of failure during competitions can be limited by a good horse’s maintenance, support, appropriated warm up and adapted care to favor muscle recovery. Because of their genetic selection, training and environment, athletic horses are acutely sensitive to external aggressions. It is, therefore, essential to understand the origin of such aggressions in order to limit their impact on horses’ condition. It can sometimes happen that in competition, horses’ look becomes a judgment criterion. Therefore, it has become more than necessary for any rider to groom their horse well.

Thanks to its expertise, PASKACHEVAL offers technical products that have been accurately formulated to support your athletic horse and to ensure the best results. This section will provide you with tips and advice, drawn from our expertise in athletic horse care.