Horse care


horse care teethInsemination, gestation and foaling are key steps requiring special monitoring of breeding horses. For the mare as for the stallion, the neglect of basic hygiene rules of horses’ legs and hooves can take its toll on the animal’s immune system: mud fever, infections, frog rot. Reproductive functions could be impacted by such issues, which are likely, in turn, to result in decreased seed quality, lower fertility and generally poor reproduction.

Foaling is a key phase and must be prepared with utmost caution. If it is not well managed, this stage can have serious consequences on the offspring as well as on the mare. Apart from that, how to prevent the attack of insects or other parasites, how to avoid infections or guarantee optimal conditions for the proper development of foal’s immunity? Based on the extensive PASKACHEVAL experience, this section will provide you with tips and advices regarding horse care during the breeding phase.