Horse care

Expert's Take

Horse care teethIn the field of horse riding, results, animals’ performance and its general condition are all closely interrelated. Even though horse riders are not all competition-oriented, their paramount concern always lies in their horses’ welfare.

Whether in pastures or in boxes, it is essential to be able to undertake the regular maintenance of horses’ hooves, tendons and their whole musculoskeletal system. Skin problems such as dermatitis should also be taken care with utmost caution. These require good horse hygiene, upkeep of horses’ environment at a decent level and the use of adapted external care products.

PASKACHEVAL expertise in combining the right active ingredients - plant extracts, raw materials of plant origin - has allowed our experts to conceive suited products and to provide you with targeted advice. Our goal is to ensure your horses’ optimal condition. In this section, you will find tips and advice on horse care.