Winning - such is the common goal of all athletic horses’ owners & riders. Whatever the discipline, horses’ nutrition must be adapted to these animals’ various level of effort: prolonged for endurance or intense effort in horse racing for example. The morphology (weight, size ...), temper (anxious or not), breed (cold or warmblood) etc., are different key parameters that cannot be overlooked and must absolutely be taken into account.

The optimization of competition horses’ potential lies in the support of their musculoskeletal system (joints, muscles), their respiratory tract and their ration digestibility. Horses’ preparation and recovery must be sustained and controlled in order to prevent under-performance: muscle fatigue, dehydration, lack of tolerance to exercises, etc.

PASKACHEVAL range includes highly technical solutions and a very close service and follow-up. Our experts are here to support you and to provide you with tailored solutions. This part of the website deals with topics related to the nutrition of competition horses.