Expert's Take

Horse nutrition microscopeHorses are used in different sports and activities. Whether it is riding sports, equestrian sports, horse breeding or leisure, horses’ feed intakes differ depending on each context. It is important that the rations given to horses match their needs. These requirements can also sometimes be breed-specific: mineral intake, trace elements, vitamins etc.

The basis of equine nutrition is to balance rations according to the horse’s level of effort. However, these various sports and fields of activities might lead to different issues in locomotion, respiration, reproduction, etc. It is essential to have prior knowledge of these issues in order to master them by guaranteeing performance, well-being and horses’ longevity.

For more than 50 years, PASKACHEVAL teams have developed an expertise in the field of horses nutrition. Our range of highly technical products has been formulated by experts who are horsemen and riders themselves so they can understand easily horses needs. This range includes minerals and nutritional supplements. This section deals with different kinds of issues related to equine nutrition.