Kasper H. Hansen Paskateam

Kasper Hansen

Show jumper

Mounts: Qualified, Lintop, Little Rock, Balou, etc.

Kasper H. Hansen is one of the biggest equestrian talent in Denmark, specialized in show jumping. He started riding at the age of 11 and turned his passion into his profession.

At only 22, Kasper has already been 6 times national champion and has also participated in the European Championships for teams as both junior and young rider. He also won a lot of different competitions both in Denmark and abroad at CSI *, CSI ** and CSI *** level.

Today, Kasper runs his own independent equine business. His company currently specializes in jumping horses’ training and trading from young horses to top-level Grand Prix ones.

On top of that, Kasper enjoys participating in various shows during competitions, for example at the JBK and the stallion show in Herning. In such cases, he never declines any challenge. Proof is: in 2014, he jumped over 1-meter- high fences while riding his horse backward!  

prize list
2015 : Winner CSI U25 Grand Prix in Neeroerteren (Belgien)
2015 : 8. Platz beim Grand Prix 160cm CSIO**** in Odense (Dänemark)
2015 : 2. Platz bei der dänischen Landesmeisterschaft für Fünfjährige
2014 : 2. Platz beim Grand Prix CSI**** in Odense
2013 : 11. Platz bei der U21-Europameisterschaft
2013 : Gewinner des Puissance/High Jumping in Elmlohe (übersprang die 220 cm-Marke)
2013 : Sieger im National Team Showjumping in Wierden (Niederlande)
2011 : Dänischer U21-Meister
2010 : 3. Platz bei der dänischen U21-Meisterschaft im Springreiten
2009 : Sieger der dänischen U18-Meisterschaft im Springreiten
2008 : Silbermedaille im U18-Mannschaftswettbewerb der Springreiter bei der Europameisterschaft

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Kasper H. Hansen Paskateam
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