Mathieu Laveau paskateam

Mathieu Laveau

Show jumper

Monts : Baron Du Loti, Qosette M'aurea, Saga Du Rol, Taratina De La Pomme, Terre Promiz Corubert, Lambre Du Chene

Born in North-West of France, in Brittany, Mathieu started horse racing at a top level competition from his early 11 years old. With only two years' experience in competition, he won the Brittany jumping championship for ponies on Orient-Al-Chems in 1997. Because he was so keen on horses, he went on to nab several prizes and awards throughout his teenage years. At 15, he was already competing in B1 level (135 cm) on his mare Graphitie.

Mathieu made a name for himself alongside great riders like Pierre Jarry, Jean Le Monze or Helby’s breeding. While he was working with Michel Hécart, with his mare Lambre du chêne, he achieved his best season which propelled him champion of France in 2013.

The 30-year-old rider has been living in the East of France since 2015, in Hoerdt. He is currently running his own business: a project of stables specially dedicated to high level show jumping horses: L²JUMP. His goal is to train regularly several talented horses to have a permanent and consistent number of horses ready to compete to international 2 and 3 star competitions while trading horses and coaching his students.

prize list
2014 : Winner and 2nd place of the Grand Prix at the CSI** in Fontainebleau (FR)
2014 : 2e du GP 1m50, CSI*** Vichy (FR)
2014 : Winner of the 1m45 against the clock contest and 3rd of the 1m50 at the CSI*** in Roeser (LUX)
2014 : 2nd best French rider in the Pro1 level (general yearly ranking)
2014 : Best jumping rider in Alsace (general yearly ranking)
2013 : Winner of the French Jumping Championship in Pro1 level
2013 : Winner of the Small Tours Final in the 1m45 competition at the SunshineTours, in Vejer de la Frontera (ESP)
2013 : Winner of the 6 years old Final at the SunshineTours, in Vejer de la Frontera (ESP)
2013 : Winner of the Grand Prix 1m40 at the CSI*in Le Mans (FR)
2012 : Winner of the Grand Prix 1m45 in Le Mans (FR)
2012 : 2nd of the Grand Prix 1m50 CSI*** in Royan (FR)
2012 : 2nd of the Grand Prix 1m50 CSI*** in Royan (FR)


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Mathieu Laveau paskateam
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