• Direction For Use
  • Paskacheval product in syringe of gel to facilitate digestion in case of digestive disorders or diarrheas


Digestive support paste

Nutrition Digestion
  • Breeding horses
  • Gel

Dietetic feed for foal. Stabilization of the water balance, in order to facilitate the physiological digestion, in case of risks of digestives disorders (diarrheas).

It can be used during and after the diarrheas occur.


Charcoal, glycerin, alchemilla*, sodium chloride, potassium chloride.
*From the transformation of crushed plants.

Direction For Use
  • Foal: 10ml (half a syringe), twice a day for 2 days.
  • Adult horse: 20ml (1 syringe), twice a day for 7 days maximum.

Gel - Box of 10 syringes of 20 ml.

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