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  • paskacheval product Hydratonic liquid supplement to compensate loss of electrolytes for horses


Electrolytic balance

Nutrition Electrolyte
  • Athletic
    Breeding horses
  • Liquid

Compensate for the loss of electrolytes in case of strong sweating.


Dextrose, Potassium chloride, Sodium bicarbonate, Magnesium sulfate anhydrous.

Direction For Use
  • Distribute directly in the mouth or in water or on the ration at 50 ml / horse / day.
  • The doses may be doubled if heat weather or intense efforts.
  • You can renew the next days if necessary.
  • Water available at all times.


It is advisable to ask for the opinion of an expert in feed before using this feed or to extend its use.


Bottle of 1 liter.


Recommended by : Mathieu Laveau

"I also recommend the HYDRATONIC to make up for the loss of electrolytes in the event of sweating during execise."

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