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Preparation for ovulation

Nutrition Broodmare
  • Breeding horses
  • Liquid

Preparation to the Œstrus and the reproduction.


Sodium chloride - Sorbitol - Psyllium - Carrot - Maltese cross - Hops - Red clover - Anhydrous magnesium sulphate. Products of plant transformation by maceration.

Direction For Use

Situations for which the use of OVULTONIC Flash is appropriate:

  • Fertility improvement: 1 syringe 0 to 4 hours before A.I. (Artificial Insemination).
  • Promotes the natural return of the cycle: 1 syringe to be renewed every 10 days (max. 3 times).
  • In addition to a synchro program: 1 syringe at the time of the A.I.

Syringes 60 ml

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