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  • Paskacheval natural product paskafly mister against insects flies mosquitoes


Insect repellent spray

Hygiene Repellent
  • Leasure horses
    Breeding horses
  • Liquid

PASKA’FLY is a natural broad-spectrum product that immediately removes flies' harassment, flat flies, ticks, flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects over a long period. 


4 g / kg natural pyrethrum (CAS: 8003-34-7), 34 g / kg citriodiol (CAS: 42822-86-6), vegetable oil, natural fragrance in aqueous solution.

Direction For Use

Shake well before use. Spray the product on the whole body of the horse, on dry hair in order to have an optimal efficacy.

Spraying the horse twice a week will insure a complete protection, even if he sweats (unless you give him a bath with shampoo). In order to act against ticks, spray onto the lower parts of the horses: legs, between the legs, the basis of the neck.

1 spraying = 3ml of product.

  • Pony: 15 to 25 ml (5 to 8 sprayings).
  • Horse: 15 to 50 ml (5 to 16 sprayings) according to the surface of treatment (local or the whole body)

Liquid : spray of 300 ml, 500 ml and 1l.

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