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Enriched with colostrum, vitamins and trace elements, this immunostimulating paste helps newborn foals to optimize their condition during the first weeks after their birth. The prebiotic TechnoMos® prevents digestive disorders by stabilizing a balanced and beneficial flora.


2.20.1 Vegetable oil and fat (palm kernel oil), 8.6.1 colostrum powder, 12.1.12 Yeast products (TechnoMos ®)13.6.3 Mono, di and triglycerides of fatty acids.

Direction For Use
  • Foals: at birth, administer 32 ml to the foal and 32 ml again three hours later. Warm to body temperature before use. Very weak foals can receive a third dose of 32 ml after 6 to 12 hours.

The additional use of PASKATONIC 912 optimizes the supply of minerals and vitamins for young foals.

  • Adults: 32-64 ml spread over 4 days

Due to the increased content of trace elements related to complete feed, this complementary feeding stuff should only be applied up to 25 % of the daily ration.


Gel - Syringe of 80 ml, 32 ml

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