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  • Product Paskacheval Paskabooster gel booster energy and stamina for horses


Energy and stamina

Nutrition Condition
  • Athletic horses
  • Gel
  • Doping control analysis

PASKABOOSTER is an appetizing oral gel that contains high doses of vitamins, minerals and plant extracts providing:

  • a fast energy supply, guaranteeing power and muscle tone,
  • an antioxidant action for stamina.

This booster is comprised of more than 11 vitamins (E, B1, B6, B12, etc.) and 7 essential chelated trace elements (Selenium, Iron, Copper, etc.):

  • Vitamin B6, B12 to boost energy,
  • Vitamin E, C and selenium for antioxidant action that neutralizes free radicals.

PASKABOOSTER is used for warm-up management: during competitions, races or training.
PASKABOOSTER is particularly recommended for horses lacking muscle tone or during competitions over several days.


Glycerin, sodium chloride, sucrose, magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, water.

Direction For Use
  • Race/competition: feed one syringe of PASKABOOSTER the day before and one syringe 2 hours before the competition. Never renew during the event.
  • Training: feed one syringe of PASKABOOSTER per week without exceeding 6 weeks in a row.


Gel, box of 10 syringes

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