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PASKAFOAL is a pelleted milk supplement especially formulated for foals.
It has been designed to supply the foal from its first days of life up to 8 months of age. It completes the rations of young foals thanks to high quality proteins (whey, soy, …) and essential nutriments (Zn/Cu = 2,4), and thus enhances their optimal growth. PASKAFOAL is enriched with FOS, MOS and live yeast, that improve the digestibility of fibers thanks to the balance of the gut flora. PASKAFOAL optimizes the solid feed intake.


Whey, cooked soybeans, palm oil, wheat flour, oat flakes, dead yeast, bamboo, echinacea, limestone.

Direction For Use
  • First meals: 50-60 g / foal / day
  • From the 2nd month: 120 g / foal / day
  • From the 3rd month: 150 g / foal / day
  • From the 4th to the 7th month (weaning): 250 g / foal / day
  • From the 8th month: 300 g /foal /day

Quantities need to be adjusted according to the milk production of the broodmare.


Pellets - Buckets 10 kg, 20 kg

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