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PASKAMINE is a mineral supplement suited for athletic horses

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PASKAMINE is a mineral and polyvitamin supplement that is rich in vitamins E and C and in plant extracts. It is particularly suited for athletic horses.

PASKAMINE Ca/P ratio (3.5) is adapted to supplement rations with a high cereal content.

PASKAMINE also provides B-group vitamins, as well as substances that promote the good functioning of the liver (sorbitol, choline and plant extracts).


Carbonate of calcium, dicalcium Phosphate, wheat middlings, magnesium oxide, molasses of sugar cane, sodium chloride, rapeseed oil, sodium sulphate, fenugreek, artichokes, horsetail.

Direction For Use

Adult horses: 50 to 100 g / horse / day.


Bucket : 5 kg, 10 kg, 25 kg


Recommended by : Darryl Walker

"I use the PASKAMINE every day (in the noon ration) for complementation and balance of the diet. This mineral is specifically designed to cover the requirements of athletic horses."

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