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PASKASTOMAC is the complementary feed specially conceived to favor the stomach comfort of horses.


Brewer's yeast, Wheat mash, Sodium bicarbonate, Lithothamnion, Marshmallow processing product, Calcium carbonate, Chicory roots, Sunflower oil, Schizochytrium sp. algae meal, Aloe vera processing product, Sodium chloride.

Direction For Use

To be given in the morning and evening feed ration, using:

  • Yearlings: morning: 25 g/horse and evening: 25 g/horse
  • Adult horses: morning: 50 g/horse and evening: 50 g/horse

You are advised to use PASKASTOMAC for a period of one month, repeating if necessary.


Powder - Bucket 3 kg


Recommended by : Kasper Hansen

One of our geldings had some gastric ulcers issues, confirmed by the vet. He had big difficulties to keep his optimal weight. He is a very anxious horse and reacts a lot to stressful situations (transportations, shows, etc.). So we started to use Paskastomac on this horse. After 10-15 days, it really made a difference! He keeps his weight on now and the gastric ulcers are no longer in need of medicine. As the horse stays anxious anyway and because we don’t want to face again this situation, we kept giving Paskastomac to this horse, on a daily basis. It keeps us away from trouble and we can focus more on his training.

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