Class of horse
Doping control analysis

Plant and seaweed extracts that stimulate the drainage of the liver, renal regeneration and blood detoxification

Nutrition and care products for horses

Respiratory comfort
Harpagophytum enriched with plant extracts
Respiratory comfort
PASKABREEDING is a multivitamin mineral supplement designed for breeding horses or growing horses
Self-service mineralization
Mineral self-service supplementation
Stone of pur salt
PASKAFOAL is a pelleted milk supplement especially formulated for foals
The perfect match to boost the immunity and vitality of your foal
Colostrum & prebiotics syringue
Multi-vitaminee syringe for foals
Mitigation of the reactions to stress
Preparation for estrus
Promotes muscle development
Supports liver function
Digestive comfort
Gut flora balance
Booster in solution
Respiratory comfort

5 ranges that closely match horses’ requirements and needs:

A complete range of nutritional products to optimize horses’ well-being and performance.

A wide choice of mineral supplements for all types of horses and rations.

Legs and hoof care
All external products that are necessary to support the locomotor system.

Specific products designed for the skin, coat and comfort of your horses.

Leather Care
A range of products to guarantee well-maintained leathers.