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60 years of innovation

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60 years of leading innovation in equine welfare

paskachevalPASKACHEVAL is the TECHNA Group’s 100% horse-dedicated brand. Our experts design technical and innovative products that meet both horse riders’ needs as well as those of athletic, breeding and leisure horses. These products include:

  • Mineral and vitamin supplements
  • Technical and custom made nutritional supplements
  • External care products (for hooves, skin, legs, etc.)
  • Products to maintain leather riding equipment

Our products are manufactured at TECHNA Group factories, in France. Our team of experts distribute our range of products and work closely with horse professionals in France and abroad: trading, tack shops, webshops, breeders, trainers etc.

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PASKACHEVAL products are available in France and abroad through our sales team and our distributor network. Ask your nearest dealer for PASKACHEVAL products.

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