PASKACHEVAL: the TECHNA Group’s equine expertise

Logo PaskachevalTECHNA Group’s experts have been developing their equine expertise with PASKACHEVAL, their horse-dedicated brand. PASKACHEVAL benefits from the skills of more than 40 animal scientists, nutritionists and veterinarians. These experts are working in synergy with our team in order to design innovative products and to provide you with accurate advice.


60 years of innovation in equine welfare

PASKACHEVAL’s range stands out thanks to us having complete control of our product manufacturing process from the design stage through manufacture and distribution.

  • Our nutrition experts and animal scientists design technical and innovative products to horses’ and horse riders’ needs as well as those of athletic, breeding and leisure horses.
  • Our products are then manufactured within the TECHNA Group, in their two different factories, in France.
  • Our team of technical experts finally distributes these products and work with horse professionals across France and abroad: trading, importers, distributors, tack shops, webshops, breeders and trainers.


A complete range of equine specialities

Paskacheval products rangeOur teams have valued skills in the use of plant extracts and natural active ingredients. The combination of their skills and our zootechnical expertise allow us to offer high-level technical solutions designed for horses.

  • A nutrition offer dedicated to horses’ comfort and performance.
  • Customized nutritional supplements for an optimal coverage of horses' needs (athletic, breeding, leisure) and a balanced diet.
  • A wide range of leg care & hoof care products to support the locomotor system and hooves.
  • Hygiene products dedicated to horse’s skin and coat care.
  • Leather care products to clean and nourish the leather.


A guarantee of quality from design to product sales

PASKACHEVAL products are manufactured on specific lines certifying a full traceability within the production sites. Raw materials are rigorously selected and the final products are controlled throughout the production process.


Anti-doping tests for athletic horses

PASKACHEVAL products for athletic horses are controlled by the National Equestrian Doping Control Laboratory (LCH in French). These analyses are the guarantee that there is no doping food contaminant within the product. Our partnership with this laboratory also enables us to be immediately aware of any changes in the regulations for the different disciplines.